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Raye The Store - Pop Up

Raye the store is a traveling showcase of emerging food, drink, and wellness brands championing natural ingredients and quality design. Experience our handpicked range of products and learn about the stories that built them. This unique opportunity, allows you to discover a curated range of new brands, often seen in-store for the very first time. We welcome you to learn about the craft of 70+ brands and 300+ products and invite you to enhance your experience through our events. We are raye

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 - Exclusive Members Offer

Keen cooks will love these world-class extra virgin olive oils by ONSURI. The company’s mission is to to bring the exceptional produce of their family-run farm in Jordan to a wider audience, and their oils are widely used in professional restaurants across the UK.

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 - Perfectly Curated Kitchen

Moore calls this "the perfect elevated and effortless gift for newlyweds." Stocked with items for the most aesthetically pleasing kitchen pantry, she explains, "It is filled with luxe items like Le Creuset and Onsuri olive oil to help make seemingly normal places (their kitchen!) more special during this fun time." This is a good way to get in the basics, but to make them more elevated.

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Rethinking Olive Oil, The Original Superfood

The original superfood, olive oil has, forthousands of years, been so embedded in our cultural and culinary consciousness as to be almost a fifth element. Whole aisles of food halls are dedicated to its many varieties and we are well versed in such terms as ‘cold pressed’ and ‘single origin’ as well as its health benefits.

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18 February 2021: Brands Spotted

Thingtesting is a database of internet-born brands. We’re building the un-sponsored corner of the internet where consumers can come together to talk honestly about new things. 

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