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Our Sommelier

Taste Is Everything
Amelia is our Olive Oil Sommelier and Taste Ambassador for Onsuri Olive Oil.

As well as heading organoleptic quality for the brand she also conducts tasting sessions for culinary professionals to educate and spread awareness of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Amelia is a foodie who lives by the adage quality of food equals quality of health.

By carefully monitoring the groves, Amelia works leading up to each harvest to sensory and taste goals developed throughout the year to elevate the different varieties and provide the consumer with a deeper experience.

Working to consistently lower the acidity levels in our oils so the range now all have less than 0.2 % making them fall within the much coveted grade of "ultra" EVOOs while retaining very high polyphenols has been a focal goal. Making the oils of the highest quality not only imparts complex aromas and flavor profiles, oils with a higher polyphenol (antioxidant) content  increases the smoke point and shelf life of the oil. 

Amelia is committed to preserving the environment on which the olives are cultivated and expanding the knowledge and disseminating misconceptions
about extra virgin olive oil.

Working tirelessly to provide clients with an Extra Virgin Olive Oil which maintains consistent premium standards.