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ONSURI Discovery Set - 4x 1.01 fl oz (4x 30ml) Latest 2023/24 Harvest


Discover all four cultivars of Onsuri Extra Virgin Olive Oil, available in our exclusive Discovery Set. The perfect holiday gift or the ideal way to taste our exquisite Olive Oils. 

Included within your Discovery Set: 

ARBEQUINA - 1.01 fl oz (30ml)
Arbequina is a mild oil that has aromatic hints of grass, herbs and florals. A touch of spice complements its delicate flavor profile. With low to medium pungency and bitterness this beautifully subtle creation makes it a well-balanced oil.

ARBOSANA - 1.01 fl oz (30ml)
Arbosana is a full bodied oil with aromatic notes of green apples and tomato leaf. Rising pungency of pepper makes this fruity oil a genius at pairing with a large variety of cuisines.

KORONEIKI - 1.01 fl oz (30ml)
Koroneiki is a king among oils. Robust and very high in polyphenols which are essential in the pursuit of a diet structured around wellness. The flavorsome elements of herbs and undercurrents of banana make it an astounding choice for pairing with cuisines of impactful flavours.

SENSORY BLEND - 1.01 fl oz (30ml)
Our careful selection of extra virgin olive oils, whose flavors and subtleties vary from year to year. The result of experience and research creates a taste for the finer things. Our Sommelier harmonises flavors and aromas to obtain the perfect combination.

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2021 Award winning Extra Virgin Olive Oil, see the latest awards here

Taste is everything, see Our Sommelier notes on what makes a great extra virgin olive oil

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ONSURI Discovery Set - 4x 1.01 fl oz (4x 30ml) Latest 2023/24 Harvest