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San Pellegrino Milan Event


Thank you for your interest in Onsuri Olive Oil. We were honored to be included in the Milan Event Dinner hosted by San Pellegrino on October 31, 2021. 


Our story began beneath the Jordanian sun, above artesian wells feeding still reservoirs, giving life to 185,000 olive trees. Here, since the turn of the century, the farm’s owner Ziad Bilbeisi has presided over some of the Middle East’s highest quality olive oil. Having slowly refined his processes Bilbeisi is working to consistently lower the acidity levels in each oil so the range now has less than 0.2%, making them fall within the much-coveted grade of "ultra" EVOOs. Making the oils of the highest quality not only imparts complex aromas and flavor profiles, but oils with a higher polyphenol (antioxidant) content also have an increased smoke point and longer shelf life. Today, Onsuri is earning a reputation as a world-class, truly remarkable oil, bringing the Bilbeisi farm’s exceptional produce to Michelin chefs and connoisseurs around the globe.



Onsuri olive oil is made to the highest standards of quality and sustainability according to traditional European processes. Water and sun, earth and time: in a world which often pits profit against quality, it is a formula more radical than it sounds. Launched with four extra virgin varieties – aromatic Arbequina, full-bodied Arbosana, ‘King of olives’ Koroneiki, and a blended mix – available in one-liter tins, Onsuri is the definition of delicacy. First Dawn is made with Koroneki olives from the year’s first harvest picked by hand as the sun rises, it promises purity, robustness and extraordinary depth of flavor. A model of sustainable, ethical production, in harmony with plant, land, and community, elevates Onsuri from ‘special’ to unique. 


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